“I couldn’t be happier with George and his teams service. George and his team handled everything from finding quality tenants, prepared the lease and handled pre move in inspection (which he videos for both the tenants and landlords protection.) We have had a number of issues that required repairs both scheduled and emergency. George and his team were responsive, knowledgeable and able to get qualified professionals in to fix the issue quickly. They are a first class organization, fair, attentive and professional. I would highly recommend them to other real estate investors and to anyone who is looking to rent a property in the area.” – Greg – Owner

“George and his team are very attentive and knowledgeable. I feel at ease having my property managed by thorough, competent people. Emails are responded to in a timely fashion and our concerns are always handled in a professional way.” – Jodie – Owner

“Was having trouble renting out my property myself and was tired of dealing with problems so after looking online I decided to give them a shot. George is the absolute best! He took care of everything and was incredibly thorough. He always answered my calls and replied to my texts and emails almost instantly. More importantly, he had my house rented out in 8 days! I couldn’t recommend them enough.” – Laura – Owner

“I own a property in Philly but live in Arizona which makes it difficult. I’ve used other management companies in the past but was not satisfied. I started to use George to manage the property several years ago. Since then I have not had any problems keeping the place occupied and there have not been any issues to speak of. If you are looking for an attentive property management company or Realtor I recommend contacting George.” – Frank – Owner

“If you want someone honest and fair, If you tend to worry like myself, call George to ease your mind. George went above and beyond getting our home in top shape. He has a “network of reliable contractors” as well to paint, redo hardwood, framing, just about anything you need. Thank you for all your hard work and tenant placement. The neighbors are pleased as well! I’m beyond thankful for “not having to worry” about our house” – Anna – Owner


“To put it simply, George and his team are amazing! In August I moved from out of state into a home managed by George and his crew and they have been nothing short of awesome the entire time! The house isn’t in great condition (previously inhabited by frat bros) but George and his guys have done everything they can to repair anything broken, and replace whats needed it. These people have a lot on their plates and they work hard. I have never had an email unanswered by his office, and his people work fast. I have gotten emails answered on Sunday nights and things fixed Monday morning. George himself even came and helped me get into my house on Thanksgiving weekend because I locked myself out and he didn’t want to pull any of his maintenance guys from their families on the holiday. They advocate for us to our landlord whom we have never met and coordinate everything. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great company to rent with.” – Chelsea – Tenant

“What a difference a management company makes! The building I have an apartment in had SO many problems with the former owner/managers (Wexford PM, who were worse than a nightmare!) I would have moved out but for a crazy travel schedule that gave relief from that slumlord “service” and also made a move impossible. I’m glad I stayed; in less than a year they are bringing the building back from years of neglect, investing, actually communicating, returning calls, often within minutes, and today I renewed my lease. They answered all my questions and were chill, human beings to deal with. Decent people who appreciate decent tenants.” – Meg – Tenant

“These guys are seriously awesome. Most real estate agencies don’t seem to care about what renters want and if they are comfortable or not. This team of people has been super attentive with communication, and repairs I’ve needed, and making sure everything in the building is working as the tenants need. I actually feel like I matter as a renter.” – Carlee – Tenant

“I would like to proclaim to the top of my lungs the sheer Professionalism, Honor and Great Character of Ryan Till (agent) throughout this entire process of getting my apartment!!!! He ensured that my experience was nothing less than great in which many times can be quite stressful. He has been more than accommodating to me and I am truly grateful that I had the honor and privilege of him assisting me during this process. With human beings like him this world is a better place. Ryan you rock!!!! And this company is a better place because of him!!” – Bethlehem – Tenant

“I lived in Franklin Villa before George took over and I saw a HUGE difference after he did! He did things that the previous owner neglected such as fixing the heating system and updating the washer/dryer system. It was so easy to reach them and see results whether it was with maintenance (when my fridge broke, they brought me another one on the same day!) or with anything else (Nicole Lipman is super helpful). I only moved out of there because of school, but i will definitely be renting with George when I move back to Philly.” – Kim – Tenant